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Shane Barber has performed, recorded, and composed music for three decades. As Rush Coil, his album 8-bit Christmas has entertained millions of listeners.

His music has been used by [adult swim], the Bravo network, Aardman Animations (Wallace & Gromit), Project Runway, NPG Records (Prince), and practical effects legend Alec Gillis (Aliens, Predator).

His music has been featured by Kotaku, Engadget, The Nerdist, SEGA, Der Spiegel, Nintendo Life, OC Remix, Music Radar, Apple, Spike TV, Buzzfeed, Polygon, BBC Two, The Guardian, and more.

He creates and licenses music for TV, film, video games, commercials, stage plays, and interactive exhibits.

He offers music services such as mixing, mastering, editing, and vocal tuning. He also records keys, bass, drums, and more on your recordings.


He is available as a fill-in musician.


Shane lives, works, and performs in Portland, OR and surrounding areas.


Music Demos

Kathleen Stevenson

Owner, Salmon Crest Productions, Warwickshire, England

"Shane has been a pleasure to with work for many years and the quality of his work is second-to-none. I am very VERY fussy when it comes to getting the music literally perfect and Shane has always exceeded any expectations. Shane has an amazing talent of composing the music I have in my head before I even need to explain. Although we both live with an ocean dividing us I could never trust another composer to deliver the delicate work that I need for my films (which his music made!). You can trust him with your difficult projects, whether you license his very versatile existing works or with a custom score." He is an asset to any project!

Jeremy Tidwell

Film Director

"Shane Barber collaborated with me on the score for one of my short films and it was like he shook the pillars of heaven right before my eyes. His ability to translate my suggestions, ideas,and eccentric ramblings into a calculated musical composition and an awe inspiring film score is unmatched by any others I have worked with. A truly gifted artist and one of the most pure, uninhibited musical minds I have had the pleasure of being around."


Blair Richardson

Film Director

"I have had the opportunity to work with so many creative professionals, but Shane has always stuck out in my mind as one of the most fun collaborators! I've had the pleasure of using his work on several of my narrative film projects, and he always goes above and beyond what my mind could even conceive. Shane is a true artist, and a master of his craft. I would recommend his work to anyone looking for professional and well-crafted music."

Brett Foster



"I've worked with Shane for over a decade on a variety of projects. Shane is an incredibly gifted composer, performer, and collaborator. He's one of the few artists among both Gen Xers and Millennials, who know the rules so well, that he can break them."

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