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I perform jazz, soul, and R&B solo piano in the Portland, OR area. Contact me if you'd like me to perform!

8/17/2023 - North Valley Winery - 5PM - 7PM - 1326 OR-99W #104, Dundee, OR 97115

9/21/2023 - North Valley Winery - 5PM - 7PM - 1326 OR-99W #104, Dundee, OR 97115


  • Free music for content creators! (YouTube, TikTok, short films, games, etc.) 

  • Video game song play-along tracks with chord charts! 



  • Original scores for film/tv/games/etc.

  • Mixing, mastering, vocal tuning, and editing your songs.

  • Session work (drums, piano/keys, bass, orchestral, or ethnic instruments).

  • Performing "fill-in" gigs on drums, keyboards, or bass.- Music library for licensing (short films, TV, YouTube, games).

  • Consulting and support for home studio setup and Cubase.

  • Indie film post-production (dialogue, music, and editing).- Sound effects creation and mixing (mainly horror films).

I am available as a fill-in musician on drums, keyboards, and bass guitar.

I am also available for last-minute emergency gigs as expectations are set and understood. I would prefer not to perform emergency bass guitar gigs unless we've already performed together and I know your material and arrangements. 


There are over 1,000 songs I can play "cold." I can perform the majority of popular cover songs between the years 1940 and 2000. Genres include jazz, folk, pop, country, soul, R & B, reggae, island, hip-hop, Jimmy Buffett, Christian, and Celtic.

Fill-in performance fees are based on performance time, lead time, distance, and required prep work. I typically avoid bar gigs.

Stage plots for drums are given to show space requirements. I can bring a 4-piece acoustic kit for smaller spaces.

For fill-in gigs, please provide a list of all songs being performed and an audio or video recording of past performances with as much lead time as possible (one or two weeks is preferred). If band recordings or footage is not available, please provide reference tracks in the form of MP3s or WAV files or Spotify/YouTube links.

Thank you for considering me for your fill-in gigs!

Live Gear List

I use the following gear for solo shows and fill-in gigs:


  • Dexibell Vivo S9 Electric Piano/Organ (88-key)

  • Roland Lucina AX-09 Aux Synth (37-key)


  • Roland AX-Synth shoulder synth


  • Roscoe 4-string LG Custom electric bass guitar

  • Warm Audio WA73-EQ preamp

  • Warm Audio WA76 compressor


  • Alesis Strike Pro SE 6-piece kit


  • DW Collectors Series in Black Oyster 6-piece kit

  • Zildjian cymbals


  • iPad Pro with Stage Traxx 3

  • Dell XPS laptop


  • Allen & Heath ZED-10FX mixer

  • Pair of EV Evolve 50 column speakers

  • Shure QLXD UHF wireless Band V50 164-216MHz (for large stages)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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